Cantell profile

   Cantell Industrial (Hong Kong) Co.,LTD founded in 1996, focused on in the computers, electrical appliances, mobile phones and accessories wire research and development, production, services, and import and export trade. 98 years of investment to set up its first factory in Shenzhen, to the end of 2012, at home and abroad to set up several wholly-owned subsidiaries, and the integration of five large correlation between factories, promoting AS and Cantell dual-brand strategy, Cantell brand focused on television, computers, smart phones, tablets and other electrical wire and accessories development, service by the principle of "local service" and "one-stop shopping", we set up sales and service company in Guangzhou. Adhering to "quality products, fast delivery" service concept, we have the concept of quality year for customers in Europe and America, Australia, South America, Asia and Africa, providing high-quality audio and video, data transmission and other system solutions.
     Dongguan, Shenzhen, Shaoguan 6 inside the factory, in the wire industry Plough, from pumping line, welding, injection molding, testing, packaging, distribution and other train services, the market for "rapid response" and "cost advantage" of demand provide a guarantee.

    Ten years of rich experience in production of wire, with the system, strict quality control system and passed the ISO9001, American UL, HDMI, CE and other types of certification

    "Creativity, integrity, focus," the corporate culture, as we are committed to "push the wire industry into the era of the brand," laid a more solid spiritual connotation!
    Respect for customers, more respect for the product, which is Fipronil.

General Order conditions:

. Way through any kind of micro-channel .QQ telephone fax or e-mail order, we will confirm in writing the way;

Order in advance 30% deposit, balance paid before shipment to the basic terms and conditions (Guangzhou area can support cash on delivery);

We fill in the details of customer information card in the computer system for each customer, in order to provide customers with the order cycle and safety stock management services;

Generally, we no minimum order quantity; but we are less than 10,000 yuan for less than the product usually by way of shipping freight

Guangdong Foreign customers through our general freight or air.
The company's services are: to provide customers with the most competitive products for our customers to create the largest profit margins, give the most timely and satisfactory services. Amoi warmly welcome all friends to visit and negotiate.

About Quality:
10 years since we have been exported to dozens of countries worldwide, adhere to the grade-based, all-copper cores and above materials, refused to cut corners

Positioning and advantages:
As the trend to keep up, we have been at the forefront of technological development. Each quarter has launched dozens of new products to meet different customer needs.
We respect customers, more respect for the product, providing customers with pre and post sales technical solutions, product quality and satisfaction, service process satisfaction is always our goal.


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