Beautiful and practical MILI Apple data cable

For smart phones, the importance of mobile data lines as much as cell phone batteries, although now connect your phone and computer data lines can be put aside to switch to wireless transmission, but in most cases, the role of the data line is still very important. Imagine evening phone battery died, not charging data cable can not find how to do? Android phones are generally okay, because most used Micro USB interface, data lines are basically universal, but for the use of Lightning (lightning) interface iPhone5 / 5S like Apple equipment?

Recently, Xiao Bian receive a bracelet MILI Apple data cable, it is the design of a Lightning data lines into bracelet shape, not only the appearance of compact, and is also very convenient to use, ideal for the pursuit of fashionable young family.


Unpacking and Design

The data line bracelet 5 colors to choose from, vibrant orange blossom, elegant white, low-key and restrained gray, fresh and bright green and pink fashion passion, each color can highlight the unique youth personalized color.



Five colors to choose from

View details, MILI apple bracelet data line is used in more traditional packaging drawer, you can tear out the partition at the bottom of the front of the stickers, the product is firmly fixed in the interior of the plastic grooves, when taken to a little more effort.


Packaging positive


Back packing


Packaging side


Drawer packaging


Firmly in the groove in the plastic buckle


The bracelet data line is mainly composed of two parts, hand strap and buckle, strap part is that we are more familiar with the Lightning interface cable, the length is about 22cm. Buckle part of the common PVC material, high toughness and abrasion better usability.


Buckle and strap

USB2.0 interface can be perfectly adapted to include Mac / PC / power adapter and other terminal equipment, whether it is charging or data transfer, have shown very stable.


USB2.0 interface

Lightning interface for the original Apple connector, and Apple is quite original data cable quality, support ipad / iPhone / ipadMINI other variety of Apple devices.


Standard Lightning interface

Hand with the use of flexible and strong, slip resistant high strength material, not only fine workmanship and durability and longer service life, and wide flat style design can also be effective in preventing wound troubles.



Strap details

Started to experience

It is called "data line bracelet," which is an important reason lies in its portability when not using the product, you can also take it to your wrist, both beautiful and convenient and practical, do both.



Wearing renderings

After several days through repeated use found this MILI Apple data cable bracelet, both connected to the computer for data transfer in or connected with the original adapter to charge the phone, the performance is very good.


Connected with iPhone5S

In addition, the wearing comfort is also performance is acceptable, but for the user part of the wrist to teach in terms of fat you need to take note, because this bracelet design using both yards and no regulatory function, so it may be some belt tightening. Of course, the latter products will introduce some personalized custom services to serve more consumer groups.


Connecting notebook

To sum up:

Overall, this MILI Apple data cable bracelet first in the material selection is more carefully, especially the data line using high strength and toughness of this material, not only durable and wear-resistant good texture, partly because of the strap with the skin directly contact, so even pay attention to the material choice. The second is its excellent portability, when not in use would be a good jewelry objects.

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