Positive and negative USB3.1 will not tangle launch

Recently, a new USB socket type appears very likely related problems can be solved various data cable or power adapter cable produced. Get inspiration from Apple, USB Implementers Forum (USB IF) recently revealed proposal called Type-C connector, this connector can be connected in any direction with the device.

As we all know, USB is the standard first appeared as a transmission of data, then slowly used to charge the device. And now, more and more mobile devices are beginning to use a smaller micro-USB port, it soon became the legal standards of the EU. Nevertheless, I believe that people still feel because the shape of the socket is not convenient, because the socket is trapezoidal, it is necessary to insert in the correct direction. Then, Apple is aware of this problem, the new products use its lightning interface patents, face up or back up into the device can be.

Inspired handle USB standard USB IF made ​​a similar idea. But Apple's jack exposed metal connecting piece, and the new Type-C connector connecting pieces still wrapped into account. Difference and now USB connector jack that is not one-sided shape, but around to the inside of the entire interface, so users can connect the device in any direction, without prior checking position. In addition, the data line will be a two-way operation, each side is equipped with the same type of jack, this way, users do not have to tangle which side is plugged into the device, which side is plugged into another device.

In addition, USB Type-C interface there is another function of the pros and cons of both, and that is the socket size of 8.3mm 2.5mm, on a computer than it is now commonly used in full-size USB connector to be smaller, but off than most mobile devices micro USB interface (size of 6.85mm 1.8mm) to a large number, so in the future if such a unified standard interface can really save a lot of space on your desktop, laptop or larger equipment, but smart phones and Tablet gets it, they will waste more space. As these devices become more and more light and thin, it may be a cause topic of debate.

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