The world's fastest USB data cable fiber production
Recently, at the 2014 Cross-Strait optical communications forum held in Wuhan, a long fly announced: Global transmission distance furthest and fastest USB3.0 active fiber optic cable, the first in the Optics Valley of mass production, also has the world technology, only the United States Corning.
     USB3.0 active fiber optic cable technology, optical communication across the Taiwan Strait by giants - Wuhan Yangtze company and Asia's first chip design company in Taiwan VIA Technologies joint research and development. Late last year, the two sides set up in the long core Sheng Optical Valley company specializing in R & D with a chip active fiber, and the first mass production in Corning, the products have been landed Amazon China outlets.
      Daily use USB2.0 data cable, one-way transmission capacity of 480 megabytes per second, while the USB3.0 fiber optic data transmission line 1 second 5G-way data, two-way data-handling capacity of up to 10G. Count the hard disk write, write, and cache consumption, copy a 1G HD movie, also just 10 seconds. Because USB3.0 fiber optic cable using a fiber optic data transmission, three meters in addition to faster transmission distance is also far more than ordinary copper, more than one hundred meters. Its diameter and weighs less than traditional copper-third of natural immunity to electromagnetic interference, both for daily consumption, but also to adapt to harsh industrial environments.
     USB3.0 active fiber optic data lines can be compatible with almost all USB devices available in the market. The products come from a long tradition of industrial fiber fly marks an important step to manufacturers of consumer fiber.
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